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28 March 2037 @ 03:06 pm
Fanfiction Index  
Follow the cut for an index of all the fanfiction I have posted on LJ - all of this is also on Fanfiction.net, where I use the same username as I do here. Some of these don't link to anywhere yet, as I haven't posted it all. All fic is rated no higher than PG-13 unless otherwise stated.

EDIT: I have updated the list to include information about the status of some of the fics. :)

Set of Five Drabbles - Narnia, Merlin, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Original Fiction
Three Drabbles - Merlin and Doctor Who, gifts for friends Christmas/New Years 2011
Victory Fanfiction - a silly, cracky, crossover oneshot. How many fandoms can you pick out?

Harry Potter:

All For All: In the fight against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Harry will either gain everything – or lose everything. This is life – to gain all, one must first risk all. Alternate sequel to Half-Blood Prince, twelve chapters.  [Finally complete! Whooooo!]
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8
    Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
    Chapter 12

A Recovery in Moments: Seventh year is over; Voldemort defeated. But the saviour of the Wizarding World is far from the happily ever after he was promised. A set of eight short ficlets. Mini-sequel to All for All, so it's DH-disregarded. 
1. Ron and Hermione
    2. Ginny
    3. Molly and Arthur
    4. Tonks
    5. Fred and George
    6. Percy
    7. Remus (and Sirius)
    8. Harry

Because Lily Evans is Always Right - Sirius should really know better. After all, he's seventeen now. Prompt was "gin is a good replacement for water", courtesy of headlesshedwig.

Funfair - Harry surprises Draco with a trip to a muggle funfair; Draco surprises Harry by revealing a private fear; Harry solves the problem. [birthday present for jakuako, NC-17]

Hen Night - A little (belated!) something for my friend Adam's birthday. His prompt was "Hermione and Ginny, hen night." Tis very short!

What the Ferret? - Draco hasn't spoken to Harry in over a week. Silly, fluffy oneshot.


A British Stop-Gap: A little one shot about reincarnation for  ’s birthday. Her prompt was “tea and crumpets.”

Child of Night: A Mordred character piece with hints of unrequited Merlin/Arthur. Spoilers for season five.

  Consent: Arthur and Merlin's relationship is strong, but there is a fear that Arthur is unable to voice. [NC-17: Non-con.]

  Consumed: Ever since the events of 'The Witchfinder', Merlin has had nightmares. Merlin/Arthur, h/c.

  Haunted: At night, Camelot disappeared. Short piece set in season five; no specific spoilers, just the tone.

  Hope: Merlin finally dares to hope. Drabble/thought-stream set in Sins of the Father, series 2.
  In a Different Light: A short scene from episode 2.4, “Lancelot and Guinevere”, as seen wearing slash goggles. Takes place just after Arthur and Merlin have left the caves, and Arthur reveals that he didn't know for certain that the berries would protect them from the wildren.

  Nothing: Inside Merlin's head for a moment in 5.12. MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR EPISODE, PLEASE BEWARE.

Saucepan: A tiny one-shot for my lovely friend swoot_of_ealdoron (um, a week after) her birthday. Explanation for why at the bottom.

The Worst Day of the Year: Arthur has never really enjoyed his birthdays.

Truth: Brief, unseen scene from the end of The Fires of Idirsholas. From Gaius's perspective.

  Verbal Jousting: Little Ficlet inspired by this wonderful fanfiction

  Heads and Tales: Merlin and Arthur; two names that are heard together throughout history. But both are falling into easily laid traps as well as love, and it seems that they might not ever reach their destiny.
    Prologue: Mylan
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Interlude: Gaius
    Part 4
    Part 5
    Part 6
    Epilogue: Jethar

Edge: King Uther is dead; Long Live King Arthur! But it’s not quite that simple. The interregnum – the time between the death of one king and the coronation of the next – is proving to be more complex than it would seem. Two old friends return; but has the last five years changed one of them beyond repair? Sequel to Heads and Tales.
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Interlude: Gaius
    Part 3
    Part 4

  The Shakespeare Series: This is a collection that I am in the process of writing - a collection of Merlin/Arthur versions of Shakespeare plays. Below is a list of all the plays I'm hopefully doing. Some of the fics will stick closely to the original plot of the play; others focus on minor characters; and others just take an element of the play and run with it. There'll be a mix of genres, and probably a mix of ratings - see individual summaries at the top of the fics for more information. Links will be added as fics are posted. [NB: This has been put on hold until I'm on track with a couple of other projects]
    Antony and Cleopatra
    Henry V
    Julius Caesar
    King Lear
    A Midsummer Night's Dream
    Much Ado About Nothing
    Romeo and Juliet
    The Taming of the Shrew
    The Tempest
    Twelfth Night
    The Winter's Tale

Doctor Who:

    Part 1
    Part 2

  Why Earth?: The Doctor ponders a question he is often asked.

The Boy Waits: We know so much about Amelia Pond. But what made Rory who he is today?

  Rummaging: Clearing out a cupboard, the Doctor finds something unexpected. For headlesshedwig's birthday.

Adventures: Quick 11th Doctor oneshot for b_c_draygon's birthday.


  The Fear of the Hound: Sherlock's thoughts during a conversation with John. Spoilers for 'The Hounds of Baskerville'.

  Milk: There was milk in the fridge. Teeny oneshot for b_c_draygon's birthday.

  Wanted: John's recovery is taking time. Spoilers for 2.3. Prompt was "Wanted, dead or alive" courtesy of liliaeth.


  Charade: A short exploration of in-Sam's-head during 'Born Under a Bad Sign.'

  Yes: A half-theory-half-fic piece written while I was watching season five for the first time. Very short.

A Night of Humanity: During the events of Two Minutes to Midnight (5.21), Castiel is pretty much human. One night, he encounters something he is not prepared for. Prompt was "dreaming", courtesy of calistomyth


  Lucky: Ponder Stibbons gets lucky. Prompt was "discovery of a four-leaf clover", courtesy of meesasometimes.

Life on Mars:

  Truth in Trivia: Gene, Sam, Ray and Chris are hammered. Sometimes, jokes slip out that aren't really jokes... Prompt was "you are going to hell", courtesy of headlesshedwig.


  The Moment Before: An unusual source of comfort in the 4077th. Prompt was "the moment before they actually kiss", courtesy of charlottetrips.

The Mighty Boosh:

  Valentine's Day: Whatever he might say to Howard, poetry always left Vince at something of a loose end... Howard/Vince one-shot.

The Old Kingdom:

Underneath the Apple Tree: It's been a very long month, and it's so good to be home. Tiny ficlet set between Sabriel and Lireal. Prompt was "underneath the apple tree", courtesy of jakuako.


  Red Sky: Hunter waits for Morgan to arrive from Scotland so that he can introduce her to his Aunt and Uncle. Tiny ficlet, set between Full Circle and Night's Child. Prompt was "red sky", courtesy of hobnailedboots

Reviews of any or all of these stories are deeply, deeply appreciated. Seriously, I do a little happy dance :D
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