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14 April 2013 @ 03:25 pm
Hello again, internet  
pandafoot105, stay away from this post, as there are honking great Buffy spoilers!

I know it's not the 25th of May yet, but this icon felt oddly right today.

*waves at internet* Hello friends! Dropping by to say hello. I'm stuck down a metaphorical well at the moment. I'm still employed (week eight out of a supposed "two or three"), which while reassuring to part of me regarding my plans to not go back to living with my parents at the end of MA is wreaking ever-loving havoc on the rest of my life.

I've been unbelievably stressed all week, and I hit the pinnacle at about half three this morning. I phoned headlesshedwig (she and I share a crying-down-the-phone habit) and we talked for forty-five minutes or so, at which point I felt calmer and went back to sleep. I've been in the library most of today trying to get started on my essay; one of the hardest things about suddenly working full time is (as I'm sure most of you have already figured out, but is still kind of new to me) that three weeks is suddenly six days, because you're working. It was fine last summer, when I wasn't at uni - great, even! - but right now it's immensely stressful. And it's the MPS show this week, and I was in a right frazzle due to not knowing my lines and not having my costume sorted (that's still the case, but I'm passing the buck now; I'll pick up the lines, and someone else will sort my costume), and having rehearsal or show everynight between tonight and next Saturday and not being able to make my charity shop shifts and missing out on Drama soc meetings and Sci Fi society and just generally not getting anything done.

I have a plan now, and it's a perfectly sensible one (that involves skipping a couple of rehearsals because the stress is not worth it); but I'm still all on edge. You know when your stomach does that horrible tense feeling? Bleurgh. It's mostly due to the stress - even though I know that at the end of this week I will still be alive and probably completely on top of my essay, part of me still thinks it's going to go wrong - and also due to some housemate arguments that I (very untactfully) have managed to entangle myself in. With that I think I'm just going to suck up to everyone to make sure I'm not in the middle, and then stay the heck out of the way; it's not a very friendly approach but to be honest I'm not going to get all knotted up just because other people want to be stressed AT ME instead of TO ME.

*coughs* Okay, so I didn't plan this to be a rant. Also I have a question. It involves liking a person. And when I say liking, I mean the words HUGE HONKING CRUSH would not be entirely amiss. However, this person is a friend. And they recently split up with someone who was long-term. And come June they won't be in the country for a year. If anyone has any thoughts on what to do about this, I'd love to hear them; I'm aware that mostly they might involve the words "just bloody tell them!", but that's okay. I'm still thinking.

And finally I was going to say where me and pandafoot105 are up to with Buffy; we're just over half-way through series four. Adam's turned up, Maggie's dead, and when this week of madness is over we'll be watching the Buffy/Faith bodyswap two-parter. XD I weirded her out because I knew what episode it was within two seconds, and stopped it because we didn't have time for two episodes tonight and I knew she wouldn't appreciate the cliffhanger. She's still trying to figure out how I could identify an episode from Buffy making a bed, mwahahahahaha.

I'm behind on Doctor Who, so nobody spoil me for yesterday's episode! But what did you all think of the first two? I rather like Clara, I must say. And I quite liked the second episode, though some people thought it was cheesy.

calistomyth: crackcalistomyth on April 14th, 2013 10:44 pm (UTC)
Yes, the second episode was cheesy. I don't think I can call myself a Whovian any longer, considering how behind I'm letting myself get... (took me 2 weeks to watch the first two episodes...)




Have you seen any of Angel? I've started series 1... I hear Spike comes into it around series 5, hence my perseverance through some dodgy concepts and plot holes in Angel.

I wouldn't say 'telll themmmm' because that's kind of not easy advice. I'm rubbish at secrets, and usually once i finally figure out I like someone (you know, that's taken me months and months before) I tend to tell them ASAP (within hours, if I'm with them). Heck, I tell them before I'm sure. Once I'm in the obsessed infatuated stage it's probably not going to work and I'm just going to freak them out. Heck, I've been single for 4 years and still on the rebound. I can't give relationship advice. NOPE, NOT ME. NEVER FALL IN LOVE! I sometimes think that if I spend half this time being upset over another person ever again it'll be a lifetime too soon. NOO DONT TURN THIS INTO ANOTHER RANT.
I'm so broken :O aha

Horrible past tense feeling? I think I know what you mean, but why is it past tense?
And I would wager the argument plays a big role in it.

Hope you're well, otherwise...? I've found myself with too much free time and not enough motivation to do my project (40% of my degree, which I have 95%free reign over...), so I've been going into strange headspaces more often than not.


PS no I'm not drunk. Or high. Or other.

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HermitKnut: BuffyFacehermitknut on April 15th, 2013 06:12 am (UTC)
Hahahaha, you need to read my posts more regularly. It's pandafoot who's not seen Buffy yet, dope. I'm watching it with her. That would be how I know what episode is coming next and she doesn't! I fricking grew up with Buffy! HOW THE HELL DID YOU ONLY JUST WATCH IT YOURSELF? Weirdo.

"Horrible past tense feeling" - which bit are you talking about? I looked through my post and couldn't work out what you meant.

I've never watched Angel, mostly due to my opinion that he's a mopey git. But I did pick up season 1 cheap the other day, so when I finally get some time HAHAHAHA I can have a look at it.

"PS no I'm not drunk. Or high. Or other." - convincing. IMMENSELY CONVINCING. *giggles*


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calistomythcalistomyth on April 15th, 2013 08:14 am (UTC)
Oohhh you said tense not past tense. I dont know why I wanted to put a time thingy in there...

and yeh angel annoys me to Hell and back. But... SPIKE. I will put up with 4 seasons of whining for one season of him.