Fanfiction Index

Follow the cut for an index of all the fanfiction I have posted on LJ - all of this is also on, where I use the same username as I do here. Some of these don't link to anywhere yet, as I haven't posted it all. All fic is rated no higher than PG-13 unless otherwise stated.

EDIT: I have updated the list to include information about the status of some of the fics. :)

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Reviews of any or all of these stories are deeply, deeply appreciated. Seriously, I do a little happy dance :D

Hello again, internet

pandafoot105, stay away from this post, as there are honking great Buffy spoilers!

I know it's not the 25th of May yet, but this icon felt oddly right today.

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I'm behind on Doctor Who, so nobody spoil me for yesterday's episode! But what did you all think of the first two? I rather like Clara, I must say. And I quite liked the second episode, though some people thought it was cheesy.


Generalised Life Update: Supernatural, Buffy, Fanfiction, etc.

Hello everyone!

So, yes. I've not been around. I've not been checking my flist, and I've not been posting except for trying to catch up with Lightning Clan. And to be honest, I don't think that's about to change in the near future - however much I'd like it to. This makes me sad.

A bit of housekeeping for now:

1. Supernatural reviews. I don't think I'm going to carry on doing them. It's been really good fun, and I do not like the idea of leaving the season seven set unfinished, so I might get back to them at some point - maybe later in the summer - but for now I'm just putting them away. I genuinely have no time, and I'm sorry about that.

2. Fanfiction. You'll have noticed that I'm mostly just posting chapters from Lightning Clan to my journal in a reoccuring and repetitive pattern. Sorry if that's a little dull, but it's the main thing I have to catch up with - I'm on chapter five here, but chapter twelve/thirteen on, and I want them to match up. I'm also behind on the 21 fandoms, 21 fics thing. I'm not dropping that, but again due to the busy nature of my life it's kind of on hold until I can get my head back into it.

3. Life in general. The busy that is my life, in case you were wondering, currently consists of two volunteering jobs (charity shop and theatre), the hunt for a paid job (on my own and with an agency), three societies (two meet twice a week and one once a week), my Master's degree (currently: changing my dissertation topic and working on creating a poetry presentation), and setting up the third ever Harry Potter readaloud for May 4th (whoo!). I'm also going to see The Woman in Black on Monday!

4. Buffy! The coolest thing going on for me right now is I'm watching Buffy from the beginning with pandafoot105, who unbelievably has never seen it before. This is truly delightful. *grins* The most recent episode we've watched is the first episode of season three, Anne. She seems to really be enjoying it, and although I always enjoy a bit of Buffy it's twice as fun watching it with someone else. Because of the Buffyness of my brain right now, I currently have this:

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pandafoot105 you have been warned; stay out of this post, there are spoilers! What episodes/seasons/story arcs/characters were your favourites, guys? Which ones do you rewatch the most/remember the best? And failing that: how are you? Do feel free to leave a comment saying hi even if you're not a Buffy fan :)


Christmas and New Year and a bit of a whinge

Procrastination is soul destroying >.< I got fourteen books out of the library to bring home to start work on my essays/dissertation proposals and have I got anywhere? Nope. Am I likely to get anywhere? Nope. Hence the whinging. It's my own fault, of course, but if you can't have a self-indulgent moan on your livejournal, where can you? :P

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Don't feel obliged to read that, by the way - it's mostly for my benefit. :)

On another note, I had a brilliant Christmas! It was kind of low-key, which is weird, but although I wouldn't like it to be like that all the time it was nice for a change. I got some great presents, and I'm making a post about a particular birthday/christmas present when I get back to York. Exciting times! We're going up Tower 42 tonight to see the fireworks, so that'll be good fun.

If anyone's wondering what's happened to the Supernatural reviews, it's my fault because I (rather idiotically) left the ones I had to type up in York, so I couldn't get anywhere over the break. I was going to watch a load of episodes and build them up too, but my parents aren't fans and I've not really had the opportunity to watch any (I have them recorded on the telly). 

So long story short, I'm getting a bit stressed out :/ Wish I wasn't. Last term was so busy, but Christmas hasn't really been a break. I think after the fourteenth I'll have a little rest before it all kicks off again, so I'm looking forward to that. Sorry to be such a downer at this time of year!

Maybe I'll go for a walk. It's a bit miserable out but I have a big coat for a reason. A walk, and my new Matilda soundtrack :D

Did you guys get/do anything exciting for Christmas?

RL fail...

Apparently posting "wahey, I'm back - time to get back to regular posts!" or anything of that nature is similar to not bringing an umbrella out in England because "the forecast said it'd be sunny". >.< I've been flooded with stuff - the week immediately after November I was doing so many different things (drama show and MPS show) that I actually made myself ill. :( I'm feeling better now, but I'm still recovering a bit.

Due to the apparently jinxing nature of my previous post (Edit: that's ignoring HB's birthday post, I'd forgotten about that one!), I'm not going to commit to any posts after this one. I will tell you that I have about three SPN reviews to type up, four chapters of LC to post, and a new little Sherlock fic that I'm thoroughly enjoying writing. Should any of those things manage to wind their way onto LJ in the next week or so I shall be delighted. But otherwise I shall just have to prioritise, for the time being, the one hundred and one things that RL is demanding of me. 

To be honest, I think it all hangs on how well Sunday goes; I'm supposed to be lurking in the library all day to get some research done for my first two MA essays (five thousand words each, they are ever so helpfully due on the same date in January) and then a bit of more leisurely reading to decide on my dissertation topic this year (despite the little person who lives in the back of my head crying something along the lines of "but I only just finished one of thooooose!"). I've spoken to people at work (volunteering at Save the Children) and I think they'll have enough people to run the shop on Monday if I don't come in, but I've been asked to drop in when the shop opens in the morning just to see what's going on. Then, hopefully, I'll get most of my Monday back, which I really do need as I've then got my last seminar that evening and I'm leaving for London Tuesday morning...

I've still got a couple of things to sort out before I go home; a bit of tidying, some Christmas cars, two things I need to change my address on (bad procrastinating H)... and actually, not that much more. Though I could do with doing a load of washing :/

*sighs* Well, I feel calmer now. If I throw small snippets of Merlin fluff (my go-to in a posting crisis) at you in the next week, be aware that its because I'm having no-post guilt. Hahahahaha.

Hope you're all well. Does anyone else have this problem, where they just don't get time to post? It's been about two months since I've gotten to checking my flist, for which I apologise. If there's anything super cool you spotted - or if you posted a little talky thing like this and you didn't get any comments which made you sad - do draw my attention to it. To be honest, I'd be glad of the internet contact :P


Pause for NaNo

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls - it's that time of year again! A time of terror, and melodrama, and possibly zombies. No, it's not Halloween. NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month, for those who don't know what I'm talking about - starts in approximately two hours. NANOWRIMOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. *flails*

Basically this means I'm even less reliable with posts than usual. I will continue to update Lightning Clan every Friday, but other than that I'm making no promises whatsoever. If anyone wants to drop by for a chat, you're more than welcome to message me, or leave a comment on this post or the multiple "argh NaNo" posts that might appear. I will be back to trying to post a greater variety of stuff in December, in between sleeping off NaNo. But as I depart into the terror of this delightful event, I have a question to ask... anyone here joining me? *grins* I have the same username on the NaNo website, you're more than welcome to look me up. What's everyone writing? This year I'm finally doing original fiction - and to my surprise and extreme fear, it's not even SF. It's a mystery/detective story. Not sure where that came from.

Talk to me, everyone! Let us cling to each other as the rollercoaster begins - and I hope to see you all when we come out the otherside in thirty days and two hours time.



I'm alive!

Hello all! I apologise for my recent absence from LJ. Barring my regular update of Lightning Clan (which is enough of a priority that I even manage it when I'm very busy), I've not been around for a good couple of weeks. I have neglected Supernatural, fanfiction, my original fiction projects, my lovely and appropriate timetable wot I made, and even the idea of eating something other than takeaway, cereal, toast or scrambled egg (don't tell my mother).

It sounds, when I read that back, as though I've been undergoing some kind of hugely transforming life experience or some great stress.

I really haven't - unless, of course, you count a huge attack of lethargy.

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Anyway, I promise I still exist and haven't abandoned everyone. I shall be back in the morning with an SPN review, and probably follow it up in the evening with some fic.

How is everyone? Who's back at uni/college? Is anyone doing their first September out of education? That'll be me next year, it's going to be strange. Do drop by to say hello in the comments :)



Doctor Who: Some Miscellanious Analysis

So, I was looking over lists of Doctor Who episodes since 2005 (because I do awesome, special things in my spare time) and I saw some patterns. I'm not claiming that any of this is new or revolutionary, but I found it interesting to think about...

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So what?
So, as I'm better on the presentation of facts than the actual analysis (I had high hopes, but alas...), what are your thoughts? Did any of these facts surprise you? What do you think is better/worse/boring/annoying? What are you hoping for? What are you expecting from far-flung future episodes such as those in seasons eight and nine? And the question I find the most interesting, is it possible to do a season of Doctor Who where off-Earth episodes are the norm? Or are we stuck here forever?

Comments welcomed - but please do not spoil me for any future episodes of season seven (I don't even watch end-of-episode trailers). Much love :)




Hello my dearies. Just a note to apologise for my absence this weekend. I feel ill and grotty and horrible, so my time is being filled with watching Buffy reruns and reading everything on my parents' bookshelf. Hope you're all well; in recompense for my lack of posting (and because I like pretty pictures), have some pictures of the normal subjects of my journal. Well, some of them are the normal subjects. Other ones I just thought were funny or brilliant.

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