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Inky Thinking

No, definitely no pocus. Possibly a little hocus.

9 November
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Hello :)
I'm HK; am huge Merlin/Doctor Who/Harry Potter fan. Apart from here, you can find me on fanfiction.net here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/780158/HermitKnut . I'm also floating around whofic and mugglespace under the same username. Feel free to just start talking to me, I promise I won't assume you're a stalker.
I'm not very computer-literate (I grew up reading books more than on the web :D) so I don't know how to make icons or anything clever as that. I do, however, offer my beta'ing services to the world, particularly in the areas of grammar, plot-hole-filling and brit-picking (being British myself). I also will write fanfiction on request (presuming I'm not drenched in uni work at the time), and I write in the following fandoms: Harry Potter, Merlin, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Narnia. I'm playing about with some Sherlock fic at the moment, too. I've read and will read/beta fic in all of the aformentioned fandoms, as well as Dollhouse and Tin Man, and anything else you choose to throw at me :)
That's all for now :)
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